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2024 RVCA Scholarship Application Form

Scholarship Opportunities

Each year, the Redbank Valley Church Association sponsors its $500 Share In A Dream and $1,000 Oakwood Presbyterian Endowment scholarship program. It is open to high school senior students who attend Redbank Valley High School or attend a church in the Redbank Valley area. The number of scholarships awarded is based on the the funds donated to it by church contributions or individual givers.

To be considered, student students must meet the qualifying criteria through an application process and an evaluation by organization representatives. To be eligible senior students must have evidence of a committed Christian life, church involvement, personal character, demonstrate how they use their spare time, their goals in life, the reason they selected to attend either a particular college or a qualifying post-secondary education opportunity. The student’s pastor will need to complete a Candidate Rating Scale for.  Usually the applications are usually mailed to each pastor in January of each year. The deadline for submitting the required materials is usually at the end of March.

Awards are announced at the annual Awards Ceremony at the student’s high school in May.  Scholarship awards are for one year only for an approved applicant.

Selected students can expect to receive their check by August 15.

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