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Love Your Neighbor

It is uncertain days we are living right now with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Each day brings new challenges.  We are ministering to the people of our church and community in new ways.  In this time, there are neighbors that need help with acquiring groceries and medications.  The elderly population in particular, as well as those with health concerns that put them at a higher risk, may be quite isolated and need assistance.

It is the hope of the Redbank Valley Church Association that we can collectively meet the needs of our community and be the Church during this time.  We are implementing a joint effort called “Love Your Neighbor,” to provide assistance in delivering groceries and medication for those who are unable or should not be out during this time.  Please note the Redbank Valley Church Association does not have the funds to meet individual needs, but is offering this service to pick up and deliver goods with participants providing the funds to pay for needed goods.  The RVCA Food Pantry is available for those who do not have funds for groceries and will be referred there.  Below are some tips in how you and your church can assist with this.

  • Check in with your elderly or at-risk members and neighbors. This could be done in the form of a prayer chain and would allow for others to be involved from home.  See if there are needs in the two areas mentioned.
  • If there is a need, please coordinate with a volunteer from your congregation. If you do not have a volunteer in your congregation that is able and willing to assist, refer them to Love Your Neighbor.
  • Utilize the delivery forms for the safety of your volunteer and the person being assisted. Leave forms with the person for the next time they may need assistance. They can leave the form and payment for items in the mailbox or other designated area to limit or avoid contact.  Highlighted areas must be completed before the volunteer shops.
  • Of the two pharmacies in New Bethlehem, Klingensmith’s still delivers. I would encourage anyone needing prescriptions delivered, to transfer their prescriptions to Klingensmith’s at this time.  The delivery option may change in the future and then pick-up and delivery of prescriptions will be necessary.
  • Communicate to your congregation about this effort and ask them to let their neighbors, family, and friends know about it.
  • There are some churches that have food pantries and are able to assist with food items if needed. Please contact the RVCA for more information.
  • All volunteers and participants will need to sign and date a liability waiver.

Thank you for loving our neighbors and ministering to them by delivering their basic needs.  If you have any questions about “Love Your Neighbor,” feel free to visit our Facebook event: or contact us at [email protected]

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